Atsuo - Drums and Vocals

Wata - Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals

Takeshi - Bass, Guitar, Vocals

B O R I S 
World Wide Management 
Tadashi Hamada - Manager

Label - Sargent House
Marc Jetton & Cathy Pellow - Label 
Jason Adams - Product Manager

Music Licensing - Marc Jetton 

N. American Press - US/THEM Group
Dave Clifford - Publicist 

N. American Booking - Flower Booking
Mahmood Shaikh: - Agent 

European Booking - Odyssey Booking
Vincent  Royers - Agent 



BORIS / Sargent House Discography



Invisible Oranges interviews Boris 




Japan’s Boris has been around for decades but it is their album Pink, now 10 years old, that is considered their most seminal work. One of the first bands to combine sludge, shoegaze and ambient tones in a crunchy yet accessible way (why yes, even before Deafheaven came onto the scene), Pink helped usher in a new kind of crossover appreciation in metal fans for minimalistic yet heavy sound. It is no coincidence that 2006 was also the first time Boris toured in North America with Sunn O))).

For the records’ 10th anniversary Boris has released a deluxe edition that includes nine unreleased bonus tracks and the band plans to play the complete album in full this summer when on tour with fellow drone OG’s Earth.

I chatted with bassist/guitarist/lead vocalist Takeshi via email (and Japanese to English translator) about their history, the origination of Pink and this summer’s dates (listed below).

Nine unreleased songs is a pretty significant number! Did all of the bonus tracks come from the same writing/recording session?

Yeah, they are all songs recorded during the same sessions and around the same time frame as the songs on the original release. But at the same time, there is some additional editing and arranging that took place to work it out for the release.

Why have you titled them ‘Forbidden Songs’?

Since 2003 we began touring incessantly, and as we matured and were able to accomplish things faster and also got to see the world, our own awareness steadily changed. Among all of this we released Pink. Amidst the constant touring, at that point it became clear to us exactly what we should be doing.

For the original Pink only songs that had that reality–songs that only we could produce, were chosen. “Forbidden Songs” consists of a lot of material that seemed like it was influenced from “something” or that the influence was too obvious, perhaps. So, because we deemed those songs as not “sounds that only we could produce”, at the time we kind of “sealed” them up. I guess that is the meaning behind it.

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