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Love You Moon is the solo project of Matthew Embree; a founding and core member of the genre-defying bands RX Bandits and The Sound of Animals Fighting. Over the course of his ten year career Embree has developed a cult like following of impassioned fans that thrive on experiencing his genuine and musically explosive performances. Heralded by them as one of this generation’s most prolific, socially outspoken and musically diverse songwriters.

Waxwane, Love You Moon’s debut full length release, is the five year culmination of Embree’s most stripped down and soulful songs with a pureness and honesty that comes through in his lyrics and the style in which he records. written, performed, and produced entirely by Embree (with contributions from drummer Chris Tsagakis (RX Bandits, TSOAF) and vocalist from Lauren Coleman), Waxwane was recorded live and on analog tape, a conscious decision underscoring Embree’s fearlessness in presenting his music in an unadulterated and genuine form.

Management - Cathy Pellow

Booking - Dave Shapiro - The Agency Group
Publicity - SOLID PR