‘Marked For Death’ Review on Meat Mead Metal 

There are artists whose records immediately grab you, strangle your lungs, and cause your mind to go into near panic mode over the sheer transparency of their work. The late Jason Molina was an artist like that for me, someone who you trusted was putting every thought and emotion, no matter how scarring, in front of you to examine. There’s nothing left to imagination.

With her excellent third solo record “Marked for Death,” Emma Ruth Rundle is becoming one of those artists. The first time I spent with this record left me gasping, wondering what I’d just heard and if I could face it anymore. This is accomplished amid quiet, vulnerable folk, smearing rock, and Rundle’s raw, expressive voice that sounds as naked and vulnerable as ever on this record. The album is situated in darkness, self-doubt, defeat, and confusion. There is life and love irretrievably broken, and every word that comes out of Rundle’s mouth seems so vital and final, that you feel like she’s about to close the door on you, never to speak to you again. These are some of the best songs Rundle ever has created, and it’s unquestionably her best solo record.

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The Girls Are Interview with Emma Ruth Rundle 

Emma Ruth Rundle is a serious musician with a seriously strong work ethic. She speaks to TGA about the impact of brutal honesty in her music and succumbing to unhealthy habits on the road.

It is mid-afternoon in a cool basement in sunny Portland. A laptop sits open on a table; it is being used by singer/guitarist virtuoso Emma Ruth Rundle, who has been editing a new video for her art project The Headless Prince of Zolpidem.

Between edits, she has also been practicing guitar for her upcoming European tour with Wovenhand, leaving the basement only to run errands, which include putting together a solid Inuyasha costume and walking around a volcanic cinder cone at Mt. Tabor.

This is just an ordinary day in the life of Emma Ruth Rundle. A woman who finds it not only easy, but necessary to keep busy; managing several tasks at any given time, her work ethic making many bands look lazy by comparison. Emma turns 33 in October, and she is one musician who most musos agree has a talent that reaches far beyond her years.

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TTNG Interview // Myspace 


“Tina Turner’s Nipple Gravy!” all three members of TTNG respond enthusiastically when asked what their favorite fake name is for one of the UK’s biggest math rock bands.

Henry Tremain, Tim Collis and Chris Collis used to be known as This Town Needs Guns, but the ironic humor in the band’s name was lost as the trio became more famous, and they didn’t want to be confused for a decidedly pro-firearm group. Rather than switching gears entirely, the band’s well-known abbreviation became their official moniker.

“There are some legit rivals for the name on social media, like The Three Nice Girls and The Travel Network Group,” guitarist Tim Collis says with a smirk. “We get tagged in all sorts of stuff on social media. That’s the real reason we changed it: to do better on social media and to confuse our fans. Beside that, there’s a big chat and spiel we can go on, but it’s not a big deal.”

But that was almost four years and a pair of releases ago. These days, TTNG’s touring the world in support of July’s Disappointment Island and has built a fanbase spanning continents. But today, they’re still shaking off the jet lag and tracking down their instruments as they stroll into L.A.’s Mohawk Bend for a bit of lunch before their U.S. tour kicks off in two days. Of course, it’s a lot cheaper for TTNG to go out to eat on tour these days than it was for the first couple of tours.

“When we first started, there were five people,” Tim says as he bites into one of the four seared ahi tuna sandwiches at the table. “Then there were four, and then when we did it was a transitional period. This is the first time we’ve been comfortable and written as three for the whole record.”

“I’m just looking forward to the next record as a two-piece,” jokes vocalist and bassist Henry Tremain. “We’re going to have to draw straws to see who gets cut.”

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Emma Ruth Rundle premieres video for new track “Real Big Sky” via Noisey 

​Emma Ruth Rundle opens her video for “Real Big Sky” with a monologue about appreciating the ethereal. “I don’t think there’s anything more exhilarating than seeing natural beauty,” she says. “It’s like seeing things that there aren’t words for.”

True to that theme, the song and video are haunting, transcendent, and a bunch of other adjectives you might throw out in a vain attempt at describing something whose beauty can’t easily be contained with words. Set against the darkness of dusk, the video sees Rundle, the wonderfully gloomy songwriter behind acts like Marriages and Red Sparowes, waxing about the hopefulness of mortality over the discordant yet sweet sounds of her scratchy guitar. “Real Big Sky” is the final song on her crushing new album, Marked for Death. It is, in a word, beautiful.

Marked for Death is out September 30 via Sargent House​, and Emma Ruth Rundle is on tour with Wovenhand. Dates below the video.

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Earth’s Adrienne Davies // Bandcamp Daily 


On a sticky, sun-drenched early evening in late July, Adrienne Davies is scrunched down low behind her hybrid Ludwig/Gretch drum kit, smiling, weaving her arms and legs in an intricate pattern. As she slams on the snare—which she does so infrequently it almost seems like she’s deliberately avoiding it—her eyes widen. She moves so slowly that it looks like she’s performing underwater aerobics.

She’s on stage at the Mohawk in Austin where her band, Earth, is opening for their good friends Boris on a U.S. tour commemorating the deluxe reissue of 2006’s Pink. Aside from being unspeakably hot, the show is also going to be loud, long, and slow.

At one point mid-set, the heat causes a local doom-bro to collapse on the concrete, as if gravity and Davies’ thudding bass drum are psychically commanding him to find cooler ground. As the venue’s staff drag him safely to the wings, the trio on stage is still locked in a hypnotic trance. They carry on, playing “Ouroboros is Broken,” a beautifully demented eight-minute dirge. Davies either doesn’t notice the fallen soldier, or is so locked in to the song’s heaving forward motion that she can’t break off, keeps the momentum going. She’s in control.

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The Quietus Reviews Helms Alee’s “Stillicide” 


Helms Alee’s latest is also overflowing with riffs, though it’s significantly harder to categorise. The Seattle based trio seem to revel in this, and have somehow managed to carve out a very distinctive sound for themselves without ever confining themselves to any particular style. They’re often compared to the Melvins, despite not really sounding anything like the Melvins – presumably it’s because both bands love big, sludgy riffs but refuse to be defined by them, anchoring their madcap antics with an encyclopaedic knowledge of classic rock and punk and an inherent knack for song writing (of course it could just be because every slightly off-the-wall guitar band that’s formed in the last two decades is invariably compared to the Melvins, but hey, just go with us on this one, OK?).

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CVLT NATION captures Russian Circles at sold-out Great American Music Hall 

Text and Photos: Bobby Cochran

Tonight, Chicago’s Russian Circles made a powerful return to the Great American Music Hall in San Francisco, hot on the heels of their recent Sargent House release Guidance.  I’ve always appreciated their unique pre-show practice of playing soft droning sounds before they hit the stage, which sets the tone and builds energy in an unexpectedly powerful way.  They opened their set with “Asa,”  the first song from the new album. Unlike the last time Russian Circles played here, the crowd erupted into a seething pit once the heavy punch of “Vorel” kicked in.  Though this band is typically enjoyed by motionless and reverent audiences, the succession of powerful, heavy-hitting songs drove many in the crowd to shove and push and seethe in response.  Can’t say I blame them, either.

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Mutoid Man US Shows Fall 2016 


photo: Nick Sayers

Mutoid Man starts a string of US tour dates on September 13th, playing several shows with GWAR & Crowbar and some headlining shows. Then, after playing Up and Downtown Festival, they hit the road again with GWAR & Darkest Hour.

A full list of announced shows can be found below. Tickets are available HERE.


Sep 13 Grand Rapids, MI @ The Pyramid Scheme
Sep 14 Cincinnati, OH @ Bogart’s *
Sep 15 Cleveland, OH @ Agora *
Sep 16 Indianapolis, IN @ 5th Quarter
Sep 17 Detroit, MI @ Harpos *
Sep 18 Buffalo, NY @ Town Ballroom *
Oct 07 Edmonton, AB @ Up and Downtown Festival
Oct 27 Norfolk, VA @ The NorVa #
Oct 28 Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Small’s Theatre #
Oct 29 Brooklyn, NY @ FREE Show Venue TBA #
Oct 30 Washington, DC @ 9:30 Club #

* w/GWAR, Crowbar
# w/ GWAR, Darkest Hour

Wovenhand “Star Treatment” is out today 

Wovenhand’s new album Star Treatment is officially out today in stores, streaming, and digital platforms. See some of the rave reviews already coming in below.

Wovenhand begin their European tour on Monday, September 12th and will be joined by Emma Ruth Rundle on most shows. Tickets are available HERE, with a full list of dates below.


Sep 12   COLOGNE, DE – Gebäude 9
Sep 13   FRANKFURT, DE – Zoom
Sep 15   BERN, CH – ISC
Sep 16   ZURICH, CH – Bogen F
Sep 17   VIENNA, AT – Flex
Sep 18   BUDAPEST, HU – A38
Sep 20   SALZBURG, AT – Rockhouse
Sep 21   MUNICH, DE – Ampere
Sep 22   LEIPZIG, DE – UT Connewitz
Sep 23   BERLIN, DE – Heimathafen
Sep 24   HAMBURG, DE – Reeperbahn Festival *
Sep 26   ARHUS, DK – Train
Sep 27   OSLO, NO – John Dee
Sep 29   HELSINKI, FI – Tavastia *
Sep 30   STOCKHOLM, SE – Nalen
Oct 01    LUND, SE – Mejeriet
Oct 02    COPENHAGEN, DK – Vega Jr.
Oct 04    EINDHOVEN, NL – Effenaar
Oct 05    AMSTERDAM, NL – Melkweg
Oct 06    LEUVEN, BE – Het Depot
Oct 07    GENT, BE – Handelsbeurs
Oct 08    CHARLEROI, BE – L’Eden
Oct 10    LILLE, FR – L’Aéronef
Oct 11    PARIS, FR – La Maroquinerie
Oct 13    ORLEANS, FR – L’Astrolabe
Oct 14    GRENOBLE, FR – La Belle Electrique
Oct 15    FEYZIN, FR – L’Epicerie Moderne
Oct 16    TOULOUSE, FR – La Rex
Oct 18    LONDON, UK – The Dome

* Wovenhand only

“Edwards belongs to an older breed. He’s in there with Cave, Michael Gira, Carla Bozulich, Dan Higgs, Polly Jean Harvey, David Tibet. He’s a mystic wanderer, the type who seeks transcendence in darkness as well as in light. He never hides his voice. It’s a huge, barreling wail, a declamatory roar. And the music matches the majesty of that voice, calling on traditions that can sometimes go past ancestral country music and into tribal-chant territory. This is big music, a type of music that we don’t often hear anymore. It’s music for calling down heaven. There is plenty of great music coming out these days, but very little of it is concerned with summoning spirits in that same way. We don’t get many albums like this anymore.” - Stereogum, Album of the Week

“Beyond the admirable sincerity and devotion, the record is full of emotive hooks, thundering percussion, psychedelic twang, ethnic rhythms, and formless meditations on what mysteries reside in the heavens above. Edwards’ musical palette has truly become limitless, and Star Treatment takes Wovenhand’s sound to its most realized and accomplished.” - Noisey

“Star Treatment is actually a damn fine album. It’s catchy, it’s gritty, and it just feels like a rock n’ roll album should.” - Metal Injection

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Mylets On Tour Starting Next Week 

Mylets will be going on tour next week supporting El Ten Eleven starting on 9/14 as well as headlining some shows along the way. Click HERE for all show/ticket details, full list of tour dates below:

MYLETS w/ El Ten Eleven
Sep 14 - Phoenix, AZ @ Club Congress
Sep 15 - Flagstaff, AZ @ The Green Room
Sep 16 - Albuquerque, NM @ Historic El Rey
Sep 17 - Denver, CO @ Moon Room *
Sep 20 - Billings, MT @ Pub Station
Sep 22 - Boise, ID @ Neurolux
Sep 23 - Portland, OR @ Doug Fir Lounge
Sep 24 - Seattle, WA @ Neumos
Sep 25 - Bellingham, WA @ Wild Buffalo
Sep 27 - Redding, CA @ The Dip *
Sep 28 - Sacramento, CA @ Harlow’s
Sep 29 - San Francisco, CA @ The Independent
Sep 30 - Los Angeles, CA @ The Roxy
Oct 01 - San Diego, CA @ Music Box
* no El Ten Eleven, Mylets headlining

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