Emma Ruth Rundle 2018 Tour Documentary // Revolver

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Whatever acclaim and success comes to Emma Ruth Rundle, it is all well deserved. Every fan of music knows an artist or two or 12 that doesn’t get their due, and Rundle’s work — from Marriages to Red Sparowes to her solo material — is a case of audience-building through hustle: country by country, city by city, show by show and person by person. Revolver is proud to present an intimate view into that gritty ascension in the form of the new tour documentary On Dark Horses, which makes its premiere above.

Deafheaven Grammy Nomination Interview // Billboard

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Famous major-label acts like Ozzy Osbourne, Metallica and Slipknot have long dominated the best metal performance category at the Grammy Awards. But this year the field is more in tune with the underground: Four of the five nominated acts are signed to independent labels, including first-time nominee Deafheaven (ANTI-). The San Francisco band, which formed in 2010, earned a nod for its Ordinary Corrupt Human Love track “Honeycomb,” an 11-minute primer on its experimental sound.

Brutus "War" Video // STEREOGUM

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Drummers are often the most dynamic visual component of any given rock band, but they’re almost never the focal point. This is the disappointing evolutionary result of basic logistical compromises and necessities. Drum kits are complicated and cumbersome structures behind which the human at the helm is obscured from view. They’re set up at the back of the stage and seated low, in the shadow of those musicians whose roles allow them more mobility and thus greater visibility. This is primarily why percussionists are rarely the rock band’s frontperson. Secondarily: It’s hard as hell to play drums while also singing.