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Album of the Day: Ioanna Gika, “Thalassa”

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Ioanna Gika wrote and produced her first solo record, Thalassa, during a period of turbulent change. In the wake of the deaths of her father and stepfather, and the dissolution of a long-term relationship, the former member of Io Echo traveled to her family’s home country of Greece, where she witnessed its now-decade-long spiral into economic ruin and corruption firsthand. She emerged with an art-pop odyssey of gothic elegance and profound searching: for clarity, for solidity, for a way forward, like a balm amid crisis.

HELMS ALEE "Beat Up" Track Premiere // Metal Injection

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HELMS ALEE Premieres The Appropriately Titled Track “Beat Up”

Sludge metal trio, Helms Alee, are back at it with a brand new album titled Noctiluca, and if you’re looking something heartwarmingly crude and groovy, then you owe it to yourself to check this out!

Today we’re excited to bring you the track “Beat Up” off the album, a quick number that is disgustingly raw and catchy at the same time, leaving you to smash that repeat button more than you’d like to admit.

Pre-order the new album, Noctiluca , to be released on April 26th via Sargent House.

Changing the game: Emma Ruth Rundle at Roadburn 2019 // NMTH

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Changing the game: Emma Ruth Rundle at Roadburn 2019

Roadburn had no shortage of female musicians, generally being awesome. Whether it is the heavy bass work of Tamaki Kunishi (MONO), the multi-layered keyboards of Helen Stanley (Crippled Black Phoenix) or Amalie Bruun (Myrkur) achieving two critically acclaimed black metal albums. Of course, it seems redundant writing about female representation in heavy music today, let alone in regards to a massively diverse festival such as Roadburn. However, it isn’t all that long ago that bands were marketed as ‘all female’ or ‘female fronted’ as if this was something new. So even in this day and age, with those labels long gone out of hot shot marketers’ mouths, female representation is as important and relevant as ever. Enter Emma Ruth Rundle, who is prominently featured at this year’s festival and quickly became one of this edition’s most valuable players.  

Earth Premiere Track “The Colour Of Poison" // Stereogum

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Olympia, Washington’s Dylan Carlson has kept his legendary, long-running drone-metal project Earth going since 1989. In those years, he’s collaborated with Kurt Cobain, branched out into different musical ideas, and pioneered the whole idea of instrumental metal as full-immersion ambient music. Carlson has been busy lately, but it’s been five years since Primitive And Deadly, the last proper Earth album. Next month, they’ll be back at full force with a new studio LP called Full Upon Her Burning Lips. We’ve already heard the early track “Cats On The Briar,” and now they’ve shared another one called “The Colour Of Poison.”