Dylan Carlson “Conquistador” // Pitchfork’s Monthly Metal Column


As the founder and only consistent member of drone institution Earth, Dylan Carlson has made abundantly clear what he’s capable of with just an electric guitar, some pedals, and an amplifier. His music is a holistic experience, built not only from his heavy, gnarled riffs but also the space between his notes, the rattling amplifier, and the ringing in your ears once it’s all over. “Scorpions in Their Mouths” is a highlight from his forthcoming LP Conquistador, the first release to bear Carlson’s birth name. If the album is to be thought of as an “imaginary western” (as Carlson has stated), then this song would be that film’s violent climax: a cycle of crushing, psychedelic melodies that leaves you anxiously anticipating their resolve.

Full article by Sam Sodomsky via Pitchfork