Dylan Carlson Track Premiere "When the Horses Were Shorn of Their Hooves" // Revolver

Full feature by Fred Pessaro via Revolver Magazine

Dylan Carlson replaces the glacially-paced heroin blues of his influential Olympia, Washington, band Earth with another view of the wild west on his solo debut Conquistador — this time an electrified, mildly droning approach that would sit comfortably underneath a spaghetti western of yesteryear. The latest single by the drone-metal pioneer, “When the Horses Were Shorn of Their Hooves,” isn’t quite as slow and dark as recent Earth releases would have you expect. The track would be a fitting prelude to a gunfight or soundtrack to a deeply meditative moment, and it rings out particularly powerfully cranked to 11 on your car speaker system. With just one instrument, a little bit of fuzz and a foundation of finely honed songwriting, “When the Horses …” is a compelling, must-hear track for fans of arty heaviness. You can order your copy of Conquistador via Sargent House ahead of the album’s April 27th release date.