The Bug & Dylan Carlson Interview // The Wire


Joseph Stannard speaks with The Bug & Dylan Carlson and Jerusalem In My Heart via The Wire

The 2017 Le Guess Who? festival invited The Wire's deputy editor Joseph Stannard to host talks with two acts from the line up.

In addition to their joint performance at Utrecht's Le Guess Who? 2017, Kevin Martin aka The Bug & Dylan Carlson from Seattle based band Earth took an hour to speak with The Wire in a filmed interview. The pair discussed how they first came across each other's music, the concepts behind their collaborative work, as well as Jah Shaka, John and Alice Coltrane, and more.

Stannard was also joined by the Lebanese Montréal based producer and performer Radwan Ghazi Moumneh, one half of Jerusalem In My Heart. He spoke about the project's sometimes aleatoric methods, its mission to not appear in the same venue more than once, the challenges that come with collaboration and people missing the point.