Live Review & Photos // Invisible Oranges

photos and words by Ben Stas

Today, Dylan Carlson’s long-running project resembles something of a psychedelic folk-tinged post-rock band – a long way removed from its origins as a pioneering, Boris-influencing drone-doom outfit – but that rendered the trio no less complementary to the evening’s headliners. Performing as a two-guitar and drums lineup (with matching cowboy hats), Carlson, longtime drummer Adriennne Davies and newcomer Brett Netson (of indie rock mainstays Built to Spill) offered a measured, hypnotic set. Netson, who guested on 2014’s excellent Primitive and Deadly, came armed with an elaborate pedal array and added color to Carlson’s towering riffs and Davies’ impressively thunderous one-woman rhythm section. As a fitting lead-in for their hosts, Earth’s set closed on its heaviest note with a reach back to 1996’s Pentastar for “High Command”. 

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