The Throwaway Project: Earth

Following their epic concert at Kortrijk's De Kreun last month, we managed to slip one of our throwaway cameras in the pocket of Earth's tour manager who at the time was busy manning the band's merchandising table. After whispering a few guidelines to him ("All they need to do is capture their touring antics," "make sure they always shoot with the flash on," and, more important of all "please please pretty please send the camera back to us after"), we crossed our fingers, got back in our car and drove back to Brussels. Then, a few days ago, we got the camera back and fuck me did they deliver. In what is surely one of the best throwaway projects we've ever received, here's Earth eating, drinking, smiling, sight-seeing, sleeping and taking what is without a doubt already a strong contender for selfie of the year.

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Author Guillaume Kidula