Emma Ruth Rundle “Fever Dreams” // Recommended Listen



Emma Ruth Rundle balances doom and gloom in the same way she does a heaviness against a gravity-less air in her music. As the guitarist for the post-metal outfit Red Sparrowes, she wields her heaviest axe, though her weapon of choice is not completely laid to rest in her out work as a solo musician either. Spiritually, it’s gothic in mood and ornate design, whether it’s woven with eerie strands of folk music or whirring into a pitch black sky, and never lands softly. “Fever Dreams”, the first single from her forthcoming album On Dark Horses, ventures into this purgatory of the void Rundle has created for herself. Her voice, classically spectral, is transcendental across the listen, sludging effortlessly through a dense fog of reverb in its first moments, but then finding a life after after in crossing a threshold where the subconscious submits to the atmosphere. “A life spent uneasy, in pieces, always in pieces here / A life left, release me away from fever dreams,” she sings. Organs and guitar halos lift her soul away from this Earth, finally free of whatever has been pushing her away from the air.

(Via Recommended Listen)