Emma Ruth Rundle On GoldFlakePaint’s Essentials of 2016

I have a distinct memory of visiting a ‘haunted house’ at the local fairground when I was younger, only to find myself completely dismayed when finding out that it was nothing more than some glow-in-the-dark tomfoolery and a guy in a gorilla costume who jumped on your carriage at the end of the ride (Why a gorilla? Tell me about it). Emma Ruth Rundle’s ‘Marked For Death’ is not that. This is a record that decisively indicates what’s to be found within then duly delivers with a thundering, fearsome bout of heavyweight indie rock. Marked for death? You better damn well believe it.

Something like Cat Power battling her way through the heaviest of thunderstorms, the new record is a marked stride forward in to the abyss from her 2014 ‘Some Heavy Ocean’ LP, the eight tracks on ‘Marked For Death’ positively burn with intensity, even before you dig in to the wildly striking set of lyrics that accompany these dramatic compositions. Indicative of the soaring, stifling nature of the record as a whole, the opening, and title, track stands as one of the year’s most ominous tracks; “Who else is going to love someone like you that’s marked for death?” Rundle bellows with all the fiery ferocity of someone who sees the world a little differently to most. A monumental effort not for the weary-hearted; but a monumental effort all the same.

Via GoldFlakePaint