Emma Ruth Rundle On Transcending Obscurity’s Best of 2016

I know I’m following up a non-metal album with another, but Emma Ruth Rundle’s third full length ‘Marked For Death’ really deserves the spotlight.  Known for her work in Red Sparowes and Marriages, Emma Ruth Rundle’s solo releases have gone off in different directions.  This one retains some of the singer/songwriter and folk elements, but skews more towards post rock and some surprisingly heavy instrumentation.  Listen to Protection if you want an example of just how sprawling and heavy ‘Marked For Death’ can be, as softer layers spread over the verses until they build to a climax of crashing guitar riffs and pounding percussion.  It reminds me of darker folk interspersed with bursts of post rock and shoegaze, all melded together into an album that’s fragile and powerful at the same time.  Emma Ruth Rundle’s singing plays a large role in this, with softer passages giving off a haunting presence before picking up into much louder, forceful ones that command your attention.  In the past she’s been known more for her work with other bands rather than her solo efforts, but ‘Marked For Death’ should be the album that changes this perception.  There’s a considerable amount of depth to this release, and it’s worth dedicating some time to.

Via Transcending Obscurity