Emma Ruth Rundle’s “Fever Dreams” On Stereogum’s top 5 songs of the week

4. Emma Ruth Rundle – “Fever Dreams”

Emma Ruth Rundle makes music that could loosely be termed goth-folk, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Rundle plays in the experimental post-metal band Red Sparowes, and she tends to tour with extreme-music trailblazers like Deafheaven or the Melvins’ King Buzzo. She has heavy music wound through her DNA, and you can hear it all come out on “Fever Dreams,” the first single from her forthcoming LP On Dark Horses. There’s beauty in the song, but it’s a mystic, swirling, vaguely threatening beauty. Guitars, drenched in fuzz and reverb, rise up, as if they’re emerging from some primordial ooze. Organs wail like ancient Greek mourners. And Rundle’s voice floats above the seething morass, graceful and triumphant, an angel welcoming the apocalypse. –Tom

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