Emma Ruth Rundle’s “Protection” In Treble’s Top Songs of 2016

#32: “Protection” is a continuous downward spiral into hopelessness and despair. On a record in which darkness is a constant, draped over anything and everything instead of merely nipping at the heels, “Protection” finds something climactic and anthemic about hitting a low. Emma Ruth Rundle portrays an unreciprocated dependency in terms both evocative (“Heaven sends him down to me“) and unglamorous (“I am worthless in your arms“) while finding a sort of romantic irony in it all: “But you offer this protection no one has given me.” As she grazes rock bottom, it explodes into a powerful, almost metal climax. Each echoing guitar riff parallels the comfort of those coldly protective arms, delivering triumph where there should only be defeat – Jeff Terich

Via Treble