Emma Ruth Rundle show review // Currently Streaming

Emma Ruth Rundle

Thoughts and emotions were lifted to the surface as Emma Ruth Rundle sang last night in her gothic-tinged and beautifully melancholic tone, touching us all with her fragile-yet-powerful delivery. Around her, the band is filling your atmosphere with their dark hues and grief-stricken sorrow that is twanging and breaking off every pluck of the guitar and beat of the drum. Emma Ruth Rundle will invade your mind with her intellectual and profound lyricism, and delve into your soul with her emotive and poignant presence. Tranquility will wash over you as she ethereally stands in front of you baring her heart for all to see. She is not just heard in the live setting, she is felt. Witness her timeless and expressive performance below.

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Photos via Kristin Kesterson for Currently Streaming

Photos via Mitch Kline