More Best of 2016 Lists: Echoes and Dust, Destroy//Exist

With Marked For Death, Emma Ruth Rundle has composed a complex piece of work that rocks, soothes, haunts, saddens and uplifts. It is an album that deals honestly with self-doubt and introspection, that offers no easy answers but leaves room for growth and hope. She has said that she wants this album to be the end of an era of sorts, and that she hopes to explore new avenues of musical creation in the coming years. If this is truly the closing chapter of one book prior to the opening of another, then it is a climax that no one will soon forget.

Two years after her previous solo album, Some Heavy Ocean and one after her critically acclaimed collaboration with Marriages, Emma Ruth Rundle returned with a dark record sharply titled Marked For Death, which displayed her tremendous growth as a songwriter and performer.