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Rig tour: Emma Ruth Rundle
We explore the tunings and pedalboard of the alt-rock guitar alchemist

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Throughout her storied career - which has included stints with post-rock supergroup Red Sparowes, alt-rockers Marriages and drone-metal legend Dylan Carlson - Emma Ruth Rundle has proven herself a dreamweaver of expansive guitar textures.

Her third solo album, On Dark Horses, however, finds her waves of celestial sound lapping against altogether heavier, darker shores. Yet although Emma writes on an acoustic, her rig always informs the direction the material takes.

“It’s like relying on reverb if you’re a singer, and you know there’s going to be that extra dimension to it,” she explains. “I don’t like dry guitar sounds; I have lots of reverb and delay.”

As you’ll see from the gear ahead, she ain’t kidding…