The Revue // “Protection” Track Review


Many artists have been described as “the next PJ Harvey”, and we have uttered the words. IN the case of Emma Ruth Rundle, however, there is no hyperbole. The Los Angeles-based artist has fully earned the distinction with her haunting approach that recalls the iconic English singer-songwriter. Her hush, downtempo ballad, “Marked for Death”, captivated us. With “Protection”, she has us shaking in our boots.

The song is beautifully stark and brooding. The collision of gritty, reverb guitars and cascading rhythms create the crippling soundscape while Rundle’s chilling, vulnerable vocals hover above. Like the song’s message about oppression and dominance, “Protection” will bring you to your knees. There are not many artists that we can say have had this visceral effect on us, and Rundle has only shared two songs from her forthcoming album.

Rundle’s sophomore album, Marked For Death, will be released September 30 via Sargent House. Pre-orders are at her Bandcamp page. She heads to Europe on September 12th to commence a month-long tour. She will hopefully be making her way to North America and abroad this autumn.

Via the Revue