Brutus Named One Of The 11 Greatest Rock Bands From Europe // Kerrang

(Courtesy of Sam Law of Kerrang)

Kerrang has named Brutus one of the greatest rock bands from Europe, joining the likes of Rammstein, Varathron, Asphyx, Lacuna Coil, and more! Read the full article here.

When most people think of Belgium, they picture beer and chocolate, waffles, and fries with mayonnaise. The country is also a hotbed for experimental music, with hardcore punks like Ghent’s Rise And Fall rubbing shoulders with Wevelgem grungecore lot Stake (previously, Steak Number Eight). Our pick of a red-hot current crop, however, have to be Leuven prog-punk trio Brutus. Keeping their line-up to frontwoman Stefanie Mannaerts on drums and vocals, bassist Peter Mulders and guitarist Stijn Vanhoegaerden, their albums so far – 2017’s Burst, 2019’s Nest – have bristled with stripped back purpose and adrenalised energy. They’re also one of the most compelling live bands on the planet and definitely worth checking out the next time they crop up at a festival – with beer and fries in hand, obviously.