DIIV // "Blankenship" Live at The Dance 1 Year Ago

Today marks 1 year since DIIV's legendary doubleheader at The Dance in NYC. Watch “Blankenship” from their album 'Deceiver', live on 10/26/19 HERE

Words from Cole: 
"One year ago today. Like every band right now, we really miss playing shows. When we reminisce, it's often Blankenship that comes to mind- the energy of the audience on any given night usually peaks right after the drum fill towards the end of the song and it's a moment to look forward to. It's also one of the few songs in the DIIV catalogue that points a finger away from ourselves, in this case it's Don Blankenship, the union-busting, climate science-denying energy company executive. We didn't intend to single him out: in the song he serves more as a face and representation of the corrupt relationship between politicians and the fossil fuel industry. The fossil fuel industry and its political enablers have engaged in rampant environmental destruction -- often at the cost of indigenous rights and sovereignty -- alongside massive disinformation campaigns, lobbying, and payouts of politicians who put the business needs of this brutal industry before human lives. This song came about during a period of climate-fueled wildfires across California, which we have only seen worsen. It puts faith in the youth-led movement of climate activists and eco-socialists, who envision a world where the dismantling of capitalism and its pathology of violence is the only real method for steering ourselves away from the certain destruction of the earth these children will inherit."