King Woman is:
Kristina Esfandiari, Colin Gallagher, Peter Arensdorf & Joey Raygoza



Worldwide Management - Sargent House 
Manager: Cathy Pellow 
Assistant: Nick Javier

Record Label  - Relapse Records  

N. American Press 
Publicist: Stephanie Marlow 





Things took a turn for the darker when Bay Area doomgaze masters King Woman turned down the lights and turned up the amps while singer Kristina Esfandiari cleared a circle on the floor and took center position.  Unveiling two new songs that immediately signaled a significant progression while retaining the emotion and depth KW are known for, this band made it known they are a force to be reckoned with.  Nowhere to go but up for this crew

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King Woman Joins Sargent House Management Roster 


KING WOMAN are happy to announce they have now joined the management roster at Sargent House (Chelsea Wolfe, Deafheaven, Russian Circles, Earth, Mutoid Man, etc) and have just launched their new website which will be at The band commented on the new partnership and Stone Roses cover, saying:

“We have an immense amount of respect for Cathy and are proud to be a part of the Sargent House family. It’s going to be a beautiful year. The Stone Roses song was recorded with at Earth Tone Studios with Pat Hills in Sacramento, CA. It’s our first shot at recording a cover.”

"I Wanna Be Adorded" by King Woman (The Stone Roses Cover) is available for purchase here. 

Latest full-length 'Created in the Image of Suffering' is out now and available via Relapse Records Here:

5 Artists You Need To Know: King Woman // Revolver 

King Woman singer Kristina Esfandiari doesn't consider her band's output to be metal, but whatever you want to call it, it's undeniably heavy — drone-y and doomy and touching on deep topics from religion to the psychedelic experience. "I think people get uncomfortable when they can't label you," she said to us of the group, which released its acclaimed debut full-length, Created in the Image of Suffering, earlier this year. "It's expressive, emotional music. And anybody can relate to that, you know? I want to have a positive message and empower other people through the way I live and the way I perform." And indeed she does.

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Metal Singer Kristina Esfandiari on Using Dark Sounds to Heal // Rolling Stone 

On a balmy August night, the musician Kristina Esfandiari rattled the pews of a Brooklyn church with thunderous riffs and her distinctive vocals – which moved from a whimper to a wail. For this gig, the bicoastal musician wasn't performing with her acclaimed Bay Area hard-rock band King Woman, who released the doom-laced and drone-laden Created in the Image of Suffering earlier this year. Esfandiari performed cuts new and old from her solo project, Miserable, which, though she describes it as "songs to drink NyQuil to," had a galvanizing effect on her congregation. 

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King Woman Interview // The Bay Bridged 

I was having a slight panic attack while waiting, in a fancy cafe that I’ve previously ignored, for Kristina Esfandiari of King Woman and Miserable. 

The night before had been a little harsh on my sleep. It was also the hottest day of the year so far, so my whole being was a little out of whack. I even got to the cafe early to prepare my thoughts and try to mentally wake up. I had met Kristina at a house show a couple weeks before. Before this, however, I had already decided that I wanted to write about her. 

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King Woman on 10 New Artists You Need to Know: March 2017 // Rolling Stone 

King Woman 

Sounds Like: A supernatural nervous breakdown 

For Fans of: Mazzy Star, Melvins, Royal Thunder 

Why You Should Pay Attention: Since forming in 2009 as a solo project for ex-Whirr singer Kristina Esfandiari, King Woman have congealed into a raging tour de force of gloom and woe. Since releasing their debut EP, 2014's Doubt, the foursome has gigged with Blonde Redhead and True Widow, and they've become more of a collaborative songwriting unit. Esfandiari says the stark, shimmery, glacial atmosphere of their latest album, their first for metal label Relapse, Created in the Image of Suffering, was a group effort and stronger because of it. "It took a while for us to get into our groove and trust each other and get comfortable with each other but now I feel we're in such a good place now," she says. Now Esfandiari feels comfortable singing personal lyrics about what she describes as a "very graceless" time in her life. The record was a cathartic experience that has elements of doom metal and shoegaze, but which she feels ultimately transcends genre. "To me, it's just spiritual music," she says. "Some people call it ethereal, transcendental or mystical, but for me, when I'm singing, I just go to a place where I don't feel like I'm there anymore. It's my way to connect to myself and to my own sense of spirituality." 

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Created In The Image Of Suffering Review // Bandcamp Daily 

When in doubt, open big. “Utopia,” the first track on King Woman’s debut album does just that, with Kristina Esfandiari’s somber voice coexisting alongside a huge boulder of a guitar riff. The song is heavy as hell, and has the swing of the best doom anthems. 

Created in the Image of Suffering navigates a path between the crushing ambiance of atmospheric metal and the filigreed mood of shoegazey Goth—this won’t surprise fans of producer Jack Shirley, who helped birth Deafheaven’s Sunbather and Oathbreaker’s Rheia. 

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