Jaye Jayle Earth Quaker Session

Louisville’s own Jaye Jayle stopped by EarthQuaker Studios while they were playing Musica in a pre-pandemic utopian Akron a few months ago. The full band recorded traditional-ish versions of (the more recently released as a single) “Soline”, along with “Cemetery Rain” off of 2018’s No Trail and Other Unholy Parts. This dark Americana vibe will corkscrew its way deep into your brain and refuse to let go. [video link]

As you can see, EQD’s Jamie Stillman is sitting in with the crew on this session. What exactly is he doing? The effects on his table are routed into 3 main paths. Nerd out on the following information and listen to this video through your home stereo or headphones for the complete overarching auditory rabbit hole trip.

Two Afterneaths are connected to Evan Patterson’s guitar and keyboard, routed to a left and right amp. Both Afterneath pedals are on both instruments and both instruments go to both amps. 
Drums - Transmisser/Avalanche run/Pyramids 
The drums are premixed to mono and sent directly through these pedals and returned in stereo. The dry recording is not mixed back in. 
Vocal Effects - Dispatch Master/Rainbow Machine/Grand Orbiter/Hummingbird/Aqueduct mixed with a dry vocal track.  

Jaye Jayle will be announcing a NEW album on Sargent House very soon! Follow all associated parties for news and updates!  

Video: Chris Tran 
Cameras: Jeff France, Jamie Suvak, Dave Whited, Chris Tran 
Audio Recording: Jeff France  
Extra effects: Jamie Stillman 
Cables: D’Addario and Co 
Power: Voodoo Lab