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No Spill Blood live at the Kazimier

Featuring members of Elk and Adebisi Shank, No Spill Blood are to music what Genghis Khan was to warfare; loud, fearsome and bloody.

Jeff Wayne's musical version of The War Of The Worlds might be the barometer in sci-fi musical epics, but No Spill Blood, with their other-worldly keyboard magic, thudding fuzz bass, outrageously great drumming and guttural vocals that could scare even the most feral of children play as if in the midst of a real intergalactic invasion.

From the moment they land, take away subjects to probe and experiment on and disappear into the starry sky with reckless abandon, you realise it’s not the Earth that has been invaded. No, it’s far worse than that; it’s your mind. You’ll want more, guaranteed. - by Peter Guy

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