Metal Injection Streaming Entire No Spill Blood Album "Heavy Electricity"

Dublin, Ireland’s three-headed beast of all things fuzz and synth, No Spill Blood, has finally arrived with their debut full-length record via Sargent House. Metal Injection is happy to be the first to share it with you all. The trio consists of members of the math rock bands Elk (Bassist/vocalist Matt Hedigan) and Adebisi Shank (drummer Lar Kaye) as your rhythm section and in place of guitars the band is lead by the keyboard/synth styling of Magic Pockets’ Ruadham O’Meara.

The result isn’t what one might expect from each member’s respective band. Instead, No Spill Blood is part Torche, part Pinkish Black, part Death From Above 1979, and all awesome. They’re heavy, groovy, catchy and hypnotic.

The album officially drops March 10th, but you can hear the entire thing here in all its glory!

Order it here or here now.

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