The (slightly) Discerning Bassist Celebrates St Patrick’s Day with No Spill Blood


Sargent House are not only one of the best labels in the current musical landscape IMHO, they seem to have unearthed a “scene” of sorts in Ireland that can boast some of the most exciting things happening in the future of punk music. First they signed two very unique (even from each other) bands; Adebisi Shank (whose bassist I interviewed here) and And So I Watch You From Afar. Equally good, yet just as singular and isolated stylistically, No Spill Blood have just put a new record of bass and synth driven punk that really rips.

The aptly titled Heavy Electricity is on Youtube, seemingly in it’s entirety thanks to the aforementioned label and you’re going to want to check it out. Now when I say synth and bass I’m not talking about some easy-way-out new-school garbage, this record is brimming with dirt and a violent punk energy. The bass is constantly fuzzed-out and unrelenting (it sounds like he’s torturing a P-bass), the synths are old-school and analogue-sounding, the drums are au naturale and furious, and the vocals are the tortured/methed-out icing on the cake. And the riffs…oh yes the riffs will induce much head-banging. There are a lot of things you could be doing this St. Patrick’s Day, but wouldn’t you rather be celebrating some of the best music coming out of the Emerald Isle?

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