TTNG and Mylets Manila Show Review // Bandwagon



“I would like to dedicate this to a dog we met yesterday, who was very gracious about letting us bother him,” said Henry ‘Hank’ Tremain as he introduced their closing song for the night.

It wasn’t the first dedication the TTNG bassist/vocalist had made, as every song the band played was peppered with a shout-out to someone they’ve encountered since landing with Mylets in Manila two days before their show.

In many ways, TTNG + Mylets Live was like a typical gig in Manila. Produced by A Spur of the Moment Project (ASOTMP), the concert was held at 19 East in Sucat on a post-holiday Tuesday night, and also featured ASOTMP’s very own Tom’s Story and tide/edit, themselves fairly known names in the local indie scene. The crowd was made up of fans of all four bands, or at least folks who were predisposed to be, which meant barely anyone set foot outside the venue once the show began. It was a practice in quality over quantity, both in terms of audience and lineup.


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