TTNG Prank // Bandwagon

What started as an innocent hoax played on my former fiancé — now wife, don’t worry — turned into a pretty amazing post-wedding gift when British math-rock band TTNG dedicated a song on stage to us newlyweds.

Lemme explain. A week or so in the lead-up to the wedding, it was announced that two of Sargent House’s math-iest acts — TTNG and one-man project Mylets — would be playing in Singapore come May 6th, as part of KittyWu Records’ 10th-anniversary festivities. As a passing jest, I told my former-girlfriend/fiancé-now-missus that its unfortunate that the lads will be playing on the same day of our wedding.

In her infinite wisdom (and boundless stress from arranging a DIY wedding reception) she didn’t check their concert date. Even Daniel Peters, editor of this site, got in on the joke, prompting her to go into the deep end. Deep enough for her to seriously concoct plans to ditch our reception at night AND send out a tweet to TTNG that hey, they should totally come by our wedding to play a song or two.

That was a signal that the joke went way too far, and she reacted in an appropriately displeased manner once I told her about that we were just pulling her leg. She broke off the wedding soon after, and I regret everything.

I kid; we had a nice enough ceremony by the sea with lots of our favourites from TTNG’s Animals. All was eventually forgiven (I think), but the whole prank got the attention of the Oxford lads, who then made a proper shout out to us during their show at Esplanade’s Annexe Studio.

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