Peter  - bass / Stefanie - drums & vocals / Stijn  - guitar /
Photo by : Geert Braekers


Worldwide Management - Sargent House
Manager: Cathy Pellow
Day-To-Day: Brittany Baker

Record Label & Licensing  - Sargent House
Label - N. American Office: Marc Jetton

Press: Grandstand HQ 
Publicist: Bailey Sattler

Worldwide booking Excluding Europe: WME 
Agent: Robby Fraser

European Label: Hassle Records

European Only Booking - Toutpartout
Agent: Steven


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Belgian trio Brutus dropped their new single and video, for the track “War,” just as I was stepping onto a plane a couple of weeks ago, so please forgive my late pass on this one. Rest assured, it’s been rattling around my brain ever since, and you’ll soon understand why. 

“War” is one of the most impressive clips I’ve seen in some time. The composition of the video is the perfect introduction to the band, which is fronted by drummer/vocalist Stefanie Mannearts. Her voice is impressive enough with just the backdrop of a lightly arpeggiated guitar line, but two minutes in the camera angle shifts to reveal that she’s sitting behind a drum kit… then BOOM, the song explodes, and we learn what Mannearts is truly capable of. Her performance as both a drummer and vocalist here is astounding, dynamic and expressive on both instruments, both alone and — most impressive of all — together. What’s more, this video was shot live! The audio you hear was played on the shoot, relayed in this video in its original form. Wow. 

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Brutus "War" Video // STEREOGUM 

Full Article via Stereogum: HERE

Drummers are often the most dynamic visual component of any given rock band, but they’re almost never the focal point. This is the disappointing evolutionary result of basic logistical compromises and necessities. Drum kits are complicated and cumbersome structures behind which the human at the helm is obscured from view. They’re set up at the back of the stage and seated low, in the shadow of those musicians whose roles allow them more mobility and thus greater visibility. This is primarily why percussionists are rarely the rock band’s frontperson. Secondarily: It’s hard as hell to play drums while also singing. 

Enter Brutus: a Belgian power trio comprising drummer/singer Stefanie Mannaerts, guitarist Stijn Vanhoegaerden, and bassist Peter Mulders. Brutus’ music requires no visual accompaniment or degree-of-difficulty qualifications to flat-out fucking rule. They play massive, cinematic, cathartic, absolutely breathtaking post-metal. Their songs are taut, exhilarating, expansive, and enthralling — huge Godspeed guitars with even-huger Baroness choruses. But better than that. And bigger. Brutus’ debut album, Burst, came out in 2017, behind which they toured with the likes of Russian Circles, Chelsea Wolfe, and Thrice. Their sophomore LP, Nest, is out in March, and the thing is a revelation. It’s outrageously early, I know, but just the same: I’ll be pretty shocked if Nest doesn’t end the year as one of its true highlights. It’s far and away my favorite 2019 LP so far.

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Brutus Announce 2019 EU/UK Tour Dates 

Brutus have announced EU/UK tour dates for 2019..
Tickets and more news at //

APR 28 Munster, DE @ Sputnik Cafe
APR 29 Paris, FR @ Point Ephémère
MAY 01 Amsterdam, NL @ Paradiso
MAY 02 Brussel, BE @ Les Nuits de Botanique –­ Rotonde
MAY 04 Bristol, UK @ Exchange
MAY 05 Leeds, UK @ Hyde Park Book Club
MAY 06 Glasgow, UK @ Broadcast
MAY 08 London, UK @ Boston Music Room
MAY 13 Koln, DE @ MTC
MAY 14 Hamburg, DE @ Hafenklang
MAY 15 Copenhagen, DK @ Vega
MAY 16 Berlin, DE @ Maze
MAY 18 Dresden, DE @ Scheune
MAY 20 Munich, DE @ Storm
MAY 22 Frankfurt, DE @ Nachtleben
MAY 24 Arlon, BE @ L’Entrepot
MAY 25 Charleroi, BE @ Eden
MAY 26 Hasselt, BE @ Muziekodroom
MAY 29 Gent, BE @ Handelsbeurs
MAY 30 Antwerpen, BE @ Trix
JUN 23 Clisson, FR @ HELLFEST

Brutus UK Tour Diary // KERRANG! 


Full article via KERRANG!

When Belgium’s Brutus were over in the UK last week, they did a nine date tour and a session on the Radio 1 Rock Show. What did you do last time you were in Belgium? Exactly. They brought talented photographer Eva Vlonk along for the ride, she shot a tour diary which the band captioned and gave to us, and which you can see above!

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BRUTUS Photos + Live Review // NMTH 

Full article via NMTH  (English translation)
Text Steve Gröniger // photography Rob Sneltjes

Completely against my normal use, or the curse that until recently I thought it rested, it is unbelievably nice weather and I fall exactly in the shot of a stifling BRUTUS when I enter the hall and get a beer. 'Fuck it, no time, point and space for paranoid Murphy's Law hassle and just enjoy with your mouth' I admonish myself with a clenched fist. It had to be just like that and how. The band completes this day the tour they have made with headliner Russian Circles, after which they will continue their bizarre journey with Thrice and subsequently Chelsea Wolfe. Personal discharge of lost guilt is also possible after having to bail after two songs during a glorified 'DJ' job on the NMTH-hosted stage during Life I Live Festival.

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