And So I Watch You From Afar “Successors” EP // Out Now 

We are releasing And So I Watch You From Afar “Successors”, a 3 song EP of songs that recorded in 2015 during the Heirs album sessions. Successors features guest trumpet by Linley Hamilton and some more incredible artwork by Sonny Kay, the master mind behind the original Heirs cover which was nominated for best vinyl art that year. The EP is out now everywhere digitally, available for stream / purchase HERE.

And So I Watch You From Afar “Successors” EP track list: 

1.       Arpanoid  
2.       Odd Seal 
3.       Radaghast 

Emma Ruth Rundle "Staying Power" Single 

Emma Ruth Rundle has released a new single 'Staying Power', recorded during the sessions for her last album, "On Dark Horses". Stream / download here:

"There is very little mystery as to what this song is about. The lyrics are not metaphorical. It’s about being a touring musician and trying to survive, to conjure the self discipline to go on without sacrificing sensitivity. How we can become hardened as a result of constantly selling our feelings, how I didn’t want that to happen to me but could feel the callousness building. It’s also about the financial feast or famine and whether a little immediate monetary gain is worth the expenditure of youth. It’s about wondering how long I might be allowed to do this and the fear that it could end at any moment - with covid the song has some renewed relevance in that regard. It talks about what it means to endure and what the rewards and consequences of such persistence might be." – ERR

Mrs. Piss on 20 BEST ALBUMS OF 2020 SO FAR // Revolver 

If you thought Chelsea Wolfe's 2017 album, Hiss Spun, was heavy, wait until you dive into Mrs. Piss' self-titled debut. A collaborative effort with her longtime friend and current go-to drummer Jess Gowrie, the LP sees these two "mega babes of the wild order" channeling the gnarliest, noisiest grunge-sludge sounds of the Nineties, plus plenty of the era's riot grrrl attitude. "Nobody Wants to Party With Us" goes the title of one song. We sure as hell do.

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Podcast Interview with Jaye Jayle // Talking to Ghosts 

"This week on Talking to Ghosts we talked to Jaye Jayle about making a collaborative album on the road, working in minimalism to find emotion, and how the COVID lockdown has allowed Evan and his wife, Emma Ruth Rundle, to take time off from touring and get a dog. 

Jaye Jayle's new album Prisyn is out August 7th on Sargent House. You can also find the stems for "Don't Blame The Rain" as part of the Isolate/Create project

“At Home” episodes are being recorded and released during the COVID-19 pandemic."

via Talking to Ghosts


Singer, guitarist and songwriter Chelsea Wolfe has been working with multi-instrumentalist, programmer and songwriter Jess Gowrie for years, but Mrs. Piss is a bit different. Their work is always dark, but there’s a dirgy, filthy weight to this that is both entirely welcome and utterly uncomfortable. We chatted to the two of them about new album Self-Surgery… 

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Working on a Dream: An interview with Disheveled Cuss // Treble 

...Disheveled Cuss’ self-titled debut was released earlier this month via Sargent House, an uncharacteristically pop-friendly set of grunge-inspired indie rock that’s comparatively straightforward when juxtaposed with Reinhart’s more complex work with Tera Melos. It’s a fun record, one that traffics in big rock anthems and pop choruses, with just enough intricate weirdness to draw a connection back to Reinhart’s other, sensory-overload-dealing band.

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Jaye Jayle "Don't Blame The Rain" Music Video // Isolate/Create 

Out now everywhere “Don’t Blame the Rain”, the new song/video by Jaye Jayle from his upcoming album 'Prisyn' out August 7th via Sargent House. ‘Prisyn’ is a collaboration between Jaye Jayle and Ben Chisholm. LISTEN/PRE-ORDER HERE

In addition to the single release, stems for "Don't Blame the Rain" are available to remix now on Isolate/Create, the interactive platform spearheaded by Sargent House label mates The Armed, which is a free resource providing creatives with digital assets to spark creativity and inspire digital collaboration, all while practicing responsible social distancing and helping flatten the curve during the Covid-19 crisis.


Emma Ruth Rundle looks back on a soundtrack to memories of psychedelic experience, unrequited love and a lifetime spent on long drives… 

The first song that I remember hearing… 


“My mom was a massive Depeche Mode fan, and in the first apartment we lived in until I was about three or four, she listened to their cassettes constantly. I remember having an almost psychedelic experience one night, staring out the window and hearing this song as the lights were coming in through the glass. Of course this was so long ago I don’t know how much is fantasy or reality, but it’s one of my earliest memories. And I still love Depeche Mode.”

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