Russian Circles “QUARTERED“ & "SINAIA" FAR OUT Audio Tree Session  


"Russian Circles is an iconic instrumental post metal band signed to Sargent House. They're known among their peers for gargantuan riffs, precisely dialed in gear and smashing constructions that yield catharsis for all who listen. Check out the killer performance by Russian Circles recorded at Mayslake Peabody Estate in Oakbrook, IL."

Listen HERE // Behind the scenes photos and more on Audio Tree

DIIV Premiere "The Spark" Music Video // LOUDER 

Premiered via Louder

Los Angeles-based grunge/shoegaze outfit DIIV have released the video for their new single The Spark exclusively with Louder. 

The track features on vocalist and guitarist Zachary Cole Smith, guitarist Andrew Bailey, bassist Colin Caulfield and drummer Ben Newman’s third album Deceiver, which launched in October last year through Captured Tracks. 

The promo was animated and edited by Ruff Mercy and is the only love song on the album, with Cole Smith's fiancée Dani also appearing in the video. 

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Nick Reinhart Interviews Thurston Moore // Fender Play Live 

Nick Reinhart (Tera Melos / Disheveled Cuss) talks guitars with Sonic Youth's Thurston Moore for Fender "Play Live" series.

"This week on Fender Play Live: Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth will be joining us with guest host Nick Reinhart. Tune in to hear about Thurston's legendary career and a special performance from the Thurston Moore Group live from Fender Hollywood, PLUS see how you can win a Vintera '60s Jazzmaster played by Thurston. Click here for more info:"

Lingua Ignota, Chelsea Wolfe & Earth on CVLT NATION’S TOP RECORDS OF 2019 



In this too often self-obsessed superficial age when the trivial and the frivolous frequently take precedence over more intimate and meaningful things, how wonderful it is that we have at least got Earth to elevate us above the slime. Full Upon Her Burning Lips is Earth’s latest full length release, Carlson again pairing up with his partner in musical harmony, Adrienne Davies. Earth’s ninth studio album opens with ‘Datura’s Crimson Veils’, a wonderfully delicate lilt that lures you sumptuously inwards with Carlson’s delicate Bakersfield Sound guitar riff, slowly rising and falling. The 12-minute ethereal masterpiece is supplemented by sparse and selective drum taps from Adrienne with a cursory stroke of a cymbal to add a final sprinkling of gold dust. 


I have chills just seeing the gorgeous Nona Limmen cover for Birth of Violence. And then I hit play on her single “The Mother Road,” and I’m floating away on the beautiful tones of her voice and every hair on my body is standing on end. Once again, she is transforming her sound, but creating the same epic audioscapes she’s known for.


There are very few artists whose music can reach into my chest like an 80s movie shaman and pull my beating, bleeding heart out of it. I have witnessed LINGUA IGNOTA live, and I can confirm that she had me in tears; my whole body in chills; my ribcage crushed with the power of her voice. She opened the black void where I push all my pain and released it to the universe. This is the catharsis I need.

Via CVLT Nation

Lingua Ignota on Exclaim!'s 10 Best Experimental Music Figured of 2019 


Harrowing. Visceral. Cathartic. These are just some of the terms that can be used to describe Kristin Hayter's work under the Lingua Ignota name. A multi-instrumentalist and intensely captivating performer, her newest record, Caligula, is an uncompromising, arresting portrait of vengeance and survival. Showing beauty and horror in equal parts, the live facet of Lingua Ignota is an intimate and intense experience and one that is undeniably fitting to the material it conveys, with vivid video projections and a strong sense of community empowerment. The classical influences (especially her dynamic vocal range, which can express some of the darkest thoughts in a beautiful vibrato) underlie a brutality and noise factor which forces you to confront the demons she's seen. These are songs that Hayter describes as "survivor anthems," and a reclaiming of a long-occupied male space into something necessary and truly vital. Lingua Ignota is committed to her work, and it's clear her presence in the experimental world is one of strength and determination.  – Josh Weinberg

Full feature via exclaim!

Ioanna Gika "One Thing Leads to Another" on Revolver's 6 Best New Songs 


Ioanna Gika - One Thing Leads to Another 

It's hard to imagine anyone improving upon the Fixx's irresistible Eighties classic "One Thing Leads to Another," but singer Ioanna Gika slowed it down and put a quietly emotional spin on it to create something entirely new, yet with the same infectiousness that's kept the tune in our universal conscious since 1982. Listen now to bury your holiday ennui in the lush threads spun with Gika's enveloping charm. Stream the track HERE

feature via Revolver

Earth Video Interview // Evil Greed 

(video link)

In 2019 Earth celebrate their 30th year anniversary as a band. Before their show in Berlin, we talked with Dylan Carlson and Adrienne Davies about “Full Upon Her Burning Lips”. The latest Earth full-length, focusses on the humanity of Carlson and Davies, both in its outstanding cover art and in the intimacy of its compositions.

Interview by Marika Zorzi
Video by Yannik Vargar

Brutus "Nest" on BrooklynVegan's 100 Best Punk & Emo Albums of the 2010s 

37. Brutus – Nest (Sargent House, 2019) 

All three members of Brutus had been playing in the Belgian music scene for over a decade before forming this band, but Brutus has quickly become the best and most ambitious project any of them have been in. Drummer/vocalist Stefanie Mannaerts has said in interviews that they went into Brutus with the intent of starting a more complex band (she and guitarist Stijn Vanhoegaerden had previously played stripped-down garage punk in Starfucker), and after making their ambitions clear on their 2017 debut album Burst, they fully perfected their sound on their 2019 sophomore album Nest. It’s got musical ingredients from all over the place — whiplash-inducing punk, expansive post-hardcore, atmospheric post-metal, glossy pop, and more — and Brutus bring it all together with addictive songwriting and breathtaking musicianship. Every member of this band is a total pro. Stefanie’s bone-rattling drumming is matched by her soaring voice, Stijn shreds without overtaking the song, and he and bassist Peter Mulders create widescreen soundscapes with just their two instruments. On a technical level, the album is as impressive as great technical death metal, but the choruses make Brutus as accessible as anything on rock radio. They toured in 2018 with Thrice, and Nest scratches a similar itch for me that Thrice scratched around the time of 2003’s The Artist In The Ambulance. That album allowed them to fit in with the emo-pop boom of the time, but their adventurous songwriting and technical proficiency allowed them to far outlast the bulk of their peers. And that type of melodic yet heavy post-hardcore lives on through Nest. 

Full article via BrooklynVegan

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