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Blackgaze trailblazers Deafheaven had their 10th anniversary plans largely derailed in 2020 by the pandemic: a celebratory tour, a live album (which they still released, but recorded in a studio). Down but not out, the group charge into their 11th year hard at work on the follow-up to 2018's excellently titled Ordinary Corrupt Human Love. If that was their Master of Puppets, will this be their ...And Justice for All?

Emma Ruth Rundle 

Title: TBA 
Release Date: TBA 
Over the course of numerous projects, Emma Ruth Rundle has explored folk, alt-rock, doom and ambient byways. The singer-songwriter spent last year indulging her heavier inclinations, touring with post-metal Swedes Cult of Luna and collaborating with Bayou sludge crew Thou. (She also covered Kate Bush with corpse-painted humorists Two Minutes to Late Night.) In 2021, she looks to curate Roadburn festival (which she was scheduled to do in 2020 until COVID crashed the party) and release the follow-up to stunning 2018 solo album On Dark Horses.

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Chelsea Wolfe Interview // Voicing Wonder Woman in DC’s Sonic Metalverse 

For more than a decade, musician Chelsea Wolfe has been carving her own path in the metal world with a number of albums that blend together black metal, folk, doom, and drone metal into entirely original endeavors, all of which defy distinction to one genre. Over the course of one record, Wolfe crafts experiences that are ethereal, evocative, and macabre, yet within this darkness also comes romance and hope. Not only has she earned hordes of passionate fans, but also collaborated with contemporary titans of metal, working with the likes of Converge, Russian Circles, and Deafheaven. 

It should come as no surprise, then, that Wolfe was enlisted into a DC Comics project as ambitious as her own music, contributing not only music for but also voicing Wonder Woman in Dark Nights: Death Metal - Sonic Metalverse. 

Running in conjunction with the DC Comics event Dark Nights: Death Metal, which unfolds across a number of titles, Sonic Metalverse is a series of shorts that bring the events from these various stories to life. Featuring music by Tyler Bates and the voices of members of Mastodon, Slayer, and Rise Against, the shorts unite the dark intensity of Dark Nights: Death Metal with prominent figures from the metal scene. caught up with Wolfe to discuss her approach to embodying Diana Prince both vocally and musically, her picks for the "Justice League of Metal," and how she can't stop listening to The Witcher soundtrack.

Full interview HERE

Deafheaven "10 Years Gone" // OUT NOW 

Deafheaven's live album "10 Years Gone" is OUT NOW on all platforms. Stream / purchase wherever you listen to music: 

With Covid taking touring away for the conceivable future, the band decided to record the set live at Atomic Garden studios. Deafheaven has capped an incredible ten year run with the release of their live album which includes songs that span their entire discography. The indie exclusive vinyl is also available today only in record stores.

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