Deafheaven are from left to right: 
Chris Johnson - Bass 
Daniel Tracy - Drums 
Kerry McCoy - Guitar 
George Clarke - Vocals 
Shiv Mehra - Guitar 

Worldwide Management - Sargent House
Manager: Cathy Pellow
Assistant: Brittany Baker

N. American Booking - Ground Control Touring
Agent: Merrick Jarmulowicz

European Booking - Odyssey Booking
Agent: Vincent Royers

Record Label - ANTI-
N. America Publicity: Christine Morales
UK Only / Publicist: Thom Denson
Europe: Alma Lilic


Publishing - Ribbon Music
Publishing - Contact






Deafheaven London Live Review // NME 




The genre fluid group mark their return to the UK with a set that revels in moments of human connection.

The only thing more incongruous than Deafheaven’s sound is the venue that hosts their London return. With Fresher’s Week only just wrapped up, London’s ULU student union tonight plays host to a very different sort of evening, the scent of regrettable Jagerbombs still lingering in the air as crowds of black-clad metal fans fill out a room more used to day-glo club nights.

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On the Road with Deafheaven PT. 2 Documentary // Revolver 


In the second and final installment of “Corrupt Love Across America,” our exclusive on-the-road doc on Deafheaven, Revolver joins the genre-defying band for the last leg of their recent headlining tour, which hit the West Coast — the place they call home. As we visit the Bay Area, the band members discuss their deep, nostalgic connection to the region, and explain why they recorded their new album Ordinary Corrupt Human Love there. Overall, the positivity of the tour’s first leg continues, but after some hiking, river boat cruising and, yes, more backstage dancing, all good things do come to an end (at least until the band’s imminent next tour). It all culminates in a massive show at the Wiltern in Los Angeles, a stage adorned in sunflowers, and an intense, passionate and beautiful full live performance of “Honeycomb.”

(via Revolver)

Deafheaven Interview with George Clarke // Submerge 


Article by Andrew Russel via Submerge

Listening to Ordinary Corrupt Human Love on a packed light rail car, scraping along through the wreckage of the workweek under the full weight of afternoon midsummer heat, in close quarters with inscrutable humanity—anonymous lives in the thick of their separate mortal coils—might be the ideal context in which to slip into the most recent offering by Deafheaven. Eschewing the frozen wastes and infernal abysses of metal hyperbole, and mostly foregoing the introspective dread and purgation of the band’s previous albums Sunbather and New Bermuda, Ordinary Corrupt Human Love allows breathing room in which to enjoy Deafheaven’s ever more sophisticated sonics and passages of understated beauty in between the cinematic, pulse-pounding peaks. Such moments still abound, but a new focus on earthbound visions and the beauty in day-to-day existence has altered the emotional timbre this time around.

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