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Emma Ruth Rundle



Management - Sargent House
Manager: Cathy Pellow

Label - Sargent House 
Label: Marc Jetton

N. American Booking - Ground Control Touring 

European Booking - Swamp Booking
Agent: Ricky

North American Press 
Publicist: Stephanie Marlow

UK / EUROPE Press - Rarely Unable
Publicist: Lauren Barley

On Dark Horses (2018)

Marked For Death (2016)

Some Heavy Ocean (2014)



Emma Ruth Rundle Interview // Rock'n'Roll Journalist 


(via RocknRoll Journalist)

“Dark” singer-songwriter is a term which deserves an official registration based on the modern wave of talented female artists. Next to Chelsea Wolfe, there is also Emma Ruth Rundle rapidly building her space on the market. Her captivating voice and an amazing taste for cold melodies are more than addictive. If you look at her list of favorite albums, the magic of her sound suddenly makes more sense. In addition we also spoke about her gear, challenges on a tour and beauties of Prague, which is also on her current European tour schedule on 18th of October.

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Emma Ruth Rundle Interview // “On Dark Horses” Out Now 


Stream “On Dark Horses” HERE
Interview via Brooklyn Vegan

Emma Ruth Rundle is an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, and visual artist. Born in Los Angeles, she is now based in Louisville, Kentucky, where she wrote and recorded her latest album, On Dark Horses, out today via Sargent House. Rundle’s latest singles feature the duality which is common throughout much of her work: lyrically, while she is trapped in a “life spent uneasy” in “Fever Dreams,” but on “Darkhorse,” she sees a world where she can “still stand high.” This dynamic is also reflected in the music, where dark, brooding guitars and percussion are both fighting against and propelling the emotion and melody carried by Rundle’s vocals.

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"...there's an emotional spark here that never goes out" – Q Magazine (print) 4/5

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"Great artists often tell you their life story through their art, and On Dark Horses will be looked back on as a truly great ‘tale of redemption’ album. " – Metal Hammer


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"Against ominously pounding drums, the music rises around Rundle’s vocals as if she’s summoning the elements into a dance. The resulting sound is something like somber Americana rendered in rich gothic splendor. She’s too good at this." Stereogum, Darkhorse coverage


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"On Dark Horses is another incredibly emotional journey of an album. Her best yet." Metal Injection

"some of the dreamiest and most beautiful melancholia you’ll hear all year"Music & Riots 9/10


"This is another confident step forward by an artist who continues to dazzle us with new sides of herself.” Exclaim! 8/10


"It’s heavy music, and it’s beautiful music, not by any conventional measure of either but devastating either way." – Treble “Album of the Week”


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"Rundle's singular blend of swirling post-rock and doomy gothic metal feels remarkably intimate, even when the decibels are being pushed into the stratosphere.” – AllMusic 4/5


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"On Dark Horses isn’t just a good record; it’s not even a great one. It is, quite simply, a masterpiece." Distorted Sound 10/10


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"Rundle has built titanic soundscapes that allow her emotions to take all of the space they deserve -- and then some.” – No Depression


Everything Is Noise

"'On Dark Horses' is some dark, brooding folk that puts Rundle’s distinctive, evocative, and frankly incredible voice in centre stage."Everything is Noise

"This is another confident step forward by an artist who continues to dazzle us with new sides of herself." –


"another heavenly collection of heartfelt songs that embellish an already stellar back catalogue of greatness" – Echoes & Dust

"Emma Ruth Rundle is fast becoming one of her generation’s finest purveyors of outsider art” – Punktastic


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"Drenched in reverb, distortion, and other effects, her guitar sound teeters between beautifully malleable and dense, constantly pierced by her otherworldly voice.” – Chicago Reader


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"Quite simply, this woman is beyond superlative, a creative entity able to spark and crush every synapse in the human body, who has once again produced an album that truly touches the soul." Ghost Cult 9/10


"…the album soars when she’s at her most aggressive, but its lighter tones help elevate those moments even more" – Soundblab 8/10


The Revue

"...matches MfD‘s fervor and intensity on the equally foreboding yet devastatingly beautiful On Dark Horses.” – The Revue

"...Emma Ruth Rundle refines her craft further by creating an album as melancholic as her peers without cherry-picking from neighboring genres and expertly sewing subtle intricacies into her minimalistic music to create something that sounds genuinely redemptive.”  – SputnikMusic 4/5

"…some of her most intricate, dense, and powerful material to date” – Svbterranean 9/10


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"It's almost a cliché these days to say that a record defies genre conventions, but in the case of On Dark Horses, there isn't a better way to describe it. It combines elements of folk, country, and post metal without belonging to any of them. It vacillates between solemnity and celebration, always maintaining the same emotional heft. So while I might not know what section to put it under in my record collection, I do know it will be getting plenty of time on the turntable.” – Punk Rock Theory 9/10


“This is Emma Ruth Rundle’s best album, and it further proves the continued mastering of her approach to darker music.” – Tanda Media 9/10