No Spill Blood in Metal Injection’s Top 10 Artist That Blend Metal With Other Genres

Electronica has come a long way since its formation, with equipment now able to emulate guitars synthetically. One of the biggest receivers of this technological advancement are Dublin, Ireland’s No Spill Blood.

Their insane cauldron of influences include metal, electronica, prog and more, with their debut album Heavy Electricity showing just how heavy things can get even without the use of an electric guitar. The record is practically buzzing with frenetic energy from start to finish, with the band reaching particular moments of enlightenment on the walloping opener “White Out”, the Blade Runner-esque speeder “Now II” and the prog-goth titan “Harsh Route”.

From horror movie scores to the outer edges of stoner rock, this outside of the box group take a variety of sounds and run them through their synthesizers to create astounding and inventive results.

(via Metal Injection)

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