Disheveled Cuss is a new band from Nick Reinhart - photo by Elle Schneider

Disheveled Cuss is a new band from Nick Reinhart - photo by Elle Schneider


Worldwide ManagementSargent House
Manager: Cathy Pellow
Day to Day: Brittany Baker

Worldwide Label - Sargent House 
Licensing & Label Mgr: Marc Jetton

Sargent House Europe
: Marika Zorzi 

Press - Biz 3
Publicist: Ryan Cunningham


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Working on a Dream: An interview with Disheveled Cuss // Treble 

...Disheveled Cuss’ self-titled debut was released earlier this month via Sargent House, an uncharacteristically pop-friendly set of grunge-inspired indie rock that’s comparatively straightforward when juxtaposed with Reinhart’s more complex work with Tera Melos. It’s a fun record, one that traffics in big rock anthems and pop choruses, with just enough intricate weirdness to draw a connection back to Reinhart’s other, sensory-overload-dealing band.

We spoke to Reinhart about his new album, the industry standstill, and the nostalgia trap.

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Disheveled Cuss Review // Treble 

Nick Reinhart can shred. As a member of Tera Melos, he’s helmed four full-length albums of complex, experimental indie rock prominently comprising intricate rhythms, effects-driven psychedelia, and a giddily rewarding path of most resistance. Their music is appealing because it’s overwhelming, not in spite of it. Listening to a band like Tera Melos provides a kind of rush that more conventional bands simply can’t. Of course, that’s not all Reinhart can do—it logically follows that if someone can make music that elaborate, they can certainly pull off something simpler and more immediate. It’s simply a question of whether or not doing something simpler, more melodic, more hook-driven has the same kind of appeal when you’re capable of doing something so much more challenging. 

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Hear Disheveled Cuss’ loose and depressive “Oh My God” // The Fader 

Maybe the long arc of Nick Reinhart's career was always bending towards power pop. As the lead singer of mathy Sacramento trio Tera Melos, he displayed the keen sense of melody that many of his band's peers lacked. In the truly unlikely supergroup Big Walnuts Yonder alongside Mike Watt, Nels Cline, and Greg Saunier, Reinhart played with pop choruses, albeit with an oddball sensibility. Full article HERE.

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Disheveled Cuss Premieres New Song "Oh My God" // Stereogum 

The new Disheveled Cuss song is called “Oh My God,” and it’s a propulsive rocker with a bemused lead vocal and a big central hook. The lyrics are about a personal freakout: “Oh my god/ How am I so fucked?/ I don’t know why.” It all builds up to a righteous guitar crescendo. Listen below. Full article HERE.

Disheveled Cuss Share New Song And Video "She Don't Want" // Stereogum 

(Chris Deville via Stereogum)

Nick Reinhart is best known as the frontman for Sacramento math-rockers Tera Melos. He’s also frequently collaborated with Death Grips and is in the experimental supergroup Big Walnuts Yonder with Minutemen’s Mike Watt, Wilco’s Nels Cline, and Deerhoof’s Greg Saunier. So it was surprising to hear him tackle straight-ahead ’90s guitar-pop on “Wanna Be My Friend,” his debut single as Disheveled Cuss. But that’s the sound he’s shooting for with this project, and he consistently hits the target. 

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Nick Reinhart has made a name for himself over the years as the unpredictable singer-guitarist in math rock act Tera Melos, one fourth of music geek supergroup Big Walnuts Yonder, and a frequent collaborator of Death Grips, including his own side-project with Zach Hill dubbed Bygones.

Now, Reinhart has hit pause on his wild and technical style of playing to create a new band called Disheveled Cuss — and he’s going full-blown ’90s alt-rock on new single “She Don’t Want”, which Consequence of Sound is premiering today. 

“She Don’t Want” comes from Disheveled Cuss’ debut self-titled album, out June 12th via Sargent House. Technically, this isn’t the first track we’ve heard from Disheveled Cuss. They’ve released two singles prior, “Wanna Be My Friend” and “Nu Complication”, both of which see Reinhart toying with giddy melodies and stringy guitar lines. But neither of those songs sound as infectious as “She Don’t Want”, an alt-rock hit that sounds like a crossover of Teenage Fanclub and Blue Album-era Weezer.


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