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Miserable "Loverboy" Music Video Premiere + Interview // Bust Magazine 

(Via Bust Magazine)

We’re excited to premiere powerhouse Kristina Esfandiari’s, of King Woman and Miserable, new video for the track “Loverboy” off of her new Miserable EP Loverboy. Brought to you by Sargent House Records, and released in tandem with the Dog Days EP, the Loverboy EP is a vulnerable and raw look into the mind of Esfandiari. If you have ever gotten a chance to see Esfandiari, then you know how authentically striking and intense her performances are. You can hear the vulnerability in her inflictions as she commands the attention of her audience through her ownership of self. We spoke with Esfandiari about her process and journey of making the Loverboy EP.

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Miserable Live Review // CVLT Nation 



(Full article via CVLT Nation)

On August 8th, we were lucky to see a show that we’d been anticipating for the past few months. Miserable, Death Bells and Fearing toured their way up the West Coast and found themselves at The Biltmore Cabaret in Vancouver. What followed was a night of amazing music and rad people and I just want to say thank you to everyone who came out and who was a part of making this show happen <3

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Miserable’s “Gasoline” Featured on 6 New Songs You Need To Hear Now // Revolver 

Miserable - “Gasoline”

For a dulcet-voiced doomsayer, King Woman’s Kristina Esfandiari is actually a pretty big poptimist. Discussing her new single “Gasoline” — a smoldering break-up song off her upcoming double EP Loverboy / Dog Days — with Flaunt, the vocalist declared, “I most certainly see myself releasing many pop records.” After listening to the new song, we hope that proves to be the case: Its shimmering guitars, swirling harmonies and relatable themes (who among us hasn’t gotten testy with an ex after a few drinks?) make for some grade-A ear-candy.

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Miserable Premieres "Gasoline" + Interview // Flaunt Magazine 


(via Flaunt Magazine)

Kristina Esfandiari’s journey to actually get her record together literally was lit… and not in a good way, the Hard drive caught on fire. Through paths of determination she has delivered Loverboy, an EP of songs of sadness and strengths. Her fire further fueled by loneliness and the exploration of previous traumas. We got ahold of her while on her tour to have her explain her give us a run down on creating her EP.

Miserable - “Loverboy / Dog Days” out on October 26, 2018 on Sargent House. Pre-order HERE.

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Kristina Esfandiari (Miserable / King Woman) Interview // CVLT NATION 

Full interview via CVLT NATION

Since we first met years ago, you’ve lived in the Bay, New York and now LA. Does long distance relocating tend to boost your creativity or crush it?

I suppose I’d say it does both. You have to start over when you move, that can be distracting. Establishing yourself in a new city takes time. On the other hand, I wrote some of my favorite songs while feeling very isolated in NYC.

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Miserable announces 2018 Tour 

Miserable has just announced a tour with Death Bells and Fearing. Dates below:

AUG 01 San Diego, CA @ Teros Gallery 
AUG 02 Los Angeles, CA @ Resident 
AUG 03 San Francisco, CA @ Thee Parkside 
AUG 04 Oakland, CA @ Eli’s Mile High Club 
AUG 05 Sacramento, CA @ Blue Lamp 
AUG 06 Chico, CA @ Duffy’s 
AUG 07 Portland, OR @ Black Water 
AUG 08 Vancouver, BC @ Biltmore
AUG 09 Seattle, WA @ Vera 
AUG 10 Reno, NV @ Holland Project

Miserable "Violet" Track Review // Pitchfork 

Miserable is the latest project of Kristina Esfandiari (who also performs as King Woman), and "Violet," off her upcoming debut LP, is a bitter requiem for a deep friendship. She wallows in its molasses reverb and delayed lurches, and comes out the other side with no answers—just the mighty misery itself. Losing a close friend is a special kind of pain: confusion, despair, an all-consuming yearning for the rosy past. Esfandiari's anguished vocals (unusual for shoegaze, whose aesthetics lean toward anodyne cooing) summon heartbreaking ghosts, treasured memories, faded photographs on a wall. And like a friendship that decays instead of ending cleanly, “Violet” offers no sense of closure. The song’s weight lingers after its coda of cascading guitar feedback has ceased to ring, leaving a hollowed-out feeling that colors the world just a bit more blue. “Violet” hurts like a broken promise. 

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Miserable – "Uncontrollable" LP Premiere // SPIN 

Miserable Finds Grace in the Profane on ‘Uncontrollable’ LP
Full article by Megan Bradley via SPIN

Kristina Esfandiari is probably best known as the vocalist of bleak rockers King Woman, as well as being a former member of shoegaze outfit Whirr, but her solo work as Miserable should be held in equal regard. Making its debut with 2014 EPs Halloween Dream and Dog Days, the project now returns with Uncontrollable, a nine-track work of dizzying lo-fi sadgaze. The tracks unfold slowly, and with a palpable sense of purgation. The work picks up steam with lead single “Violet, rumbling from somewhere deep, while bleating chords underscore Esfandiari’s gruff vocals: “You’re the most spiteful person / I could never be.” 

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MISERABLE is the solo work of Kristina Esfandiari, the vocalist from King Woman. Her new album, entitled Uncontrollable, hits the streets on April 29th via The Native Sound. I will tell you this: Esfandiari has created a collection of dreamy, melancholy songs that will pull you towards the sun! MISERABLE is the kind of music that will wash over your thoughts and realign your unhappy life. I’m an addict for Esfandiari’s voice and lyrics, because she is a sonic vessel of honesty that I never want to put down! This is why I’m beyond freaking stoked to share with you the MISERABLE video for “Stay Cold” below…Make sure you pre-order Uncontrollable HERE – it will be your new soundtrack to your happy sad times!

Full article via CVLT Nation